Planned growth will secure key infrastructure

Colchester, Braintree, and Tendring Councils are preparing their Local Plans, which will be used to guide development across North Essex. West Tey is a key element of these councils’ growth strategy to 2033.

West Tey is the best option for North Essex

Our plans for West Tey are achievable and deliverable. However, if the proposals do not go ahead, it is likely that up to 10,000 new homes will need to be built elsewhere across Colchester, Braintree and Tendring.

Scattering these new homes across local towns and villages would fail to create enough investment in transport, jobs and public services. This would add to existing pressure on our schools, healthcare facilities, and roads.

Because West Tey is a single, sustainable new community, we can deliver far more investment in the local area than any alternative to our proposals.

The delivery of West Tey over several decades means that existing towns and villages won’t need to accept more piecemeal development, built without the support of new infrastructure.

Where West Tey will be located

Where West Tey will be located


West Tey is infrastructure-led and will limit pressure on existing local services

Our Vision

Quality homes and jobs for local people, in line with garden city principles

The team

Housing association L&Q is working with local partners Gateway 120 and Cirrus Land