A new community in the right place

West Tey is located in the ideal place for a new community. It is close to the A12 and A120, giving excellent access to nearby towns and the rest of the region. There is also good access to train services running from Marks Tey.

Our new community is also well-placed to take advantage of North Essex’s thriving economy. West Tey will create and support new jobs, including on a brand new business park next to the A12.

Limiting pressure on our roads

We understand the importance of the A12 and A120 to local people, and want to make sure that both roads get the investment they need to relieve congestion and support growth.

The improvements to the A12 and A120 are in Highways England’s road programme with both projects scheduled for delivery by the mid 2020s. Infrastructure delivery which supports housing is a key government policy and we’re working closely with the local councils, Highways England and central government to facilitate this key transport investment.

New places to call home

The physical and social infrastructure investment we can deliver with a new community of 17,000 homes is very large: estimated at £750 million.

West Tey will include high-quality affordable homes across a wide range of tenures, including shared ownership, which provides a stepping stone to owning your own. This helps local people get on the property ladder and live and work in the area they grew up in.

An outstanding Quality of life

West Tey will be delivered in accordance with Garden City principles – bringing together the best aspects of both urban and rural living. This includes good design, vital infrastructure, and extensive green spaces. We are also committed to ongoing community stewardship of the development, starting from the design process.

Creating New Jobs and supporting prosperity

The creation of West Tey will drive growth in jobs and the wider local economy. We will create a modern business park, provide flexible workspace for local start-ups and small businesses, along with new retail space.

The development will deliver around 20,000 new jobs during construction, as well as apprenticeships and training opportunities for local people through partnerships with schools, colleges and universities.

We estimate that West Tey will directly create 17,500 jobs across all sectors once the community is built. This does not include the additional jobs and investment created through the wider boost to economic growth in the area.

A superb leisure offering

West Tey will have a state-of-the-art leisure centre with a swimming pool, extensive green areas, and shopping space complemented by a possible new rail station. The vibrant town centre will include a range of shops and facilities.

Three new parks are planned at West Tey: the Heritage Park, the Civic Park and the Country Park. These will promote relaxation, active lifestyles and wellbeing for all residents. We want everyone to be able to enjoy open and accessible green spaces for walks, picnics, food growing, ball games, and hobbies of all kinds.



West Tey is infrastructure-led and will limit pressure on existing local services

Local plan

West Tey is the best option to meet the needs of North Essex


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